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reptiles of orange county california - amphibians and reptiles of orange county california and nearby places compiled by peter j bryant university of california irvine click on images or names to open, reptiles and amphibians of coastal southern california - these are the native and well established alien herps that inhabit coastal southern california which for our purposes includes the transverse and peninsular mountain ranges and the land interior to the sea including the santa monica mountains the san gabriel mountains the san bernardino mountains the san jacinto mountains and the santa ana mountains, peterson field guide to western reptiles amphibians - the late robert c stebbins was professor emeritus of zoology at the university of california berkeley and curator emeritus of the university s museum of vertebrate zoology he authored over a dozen books plus numerous scientific papers and produced two documentaries he was the foremost illustrator of north american amphibians and reptiles, list of amphibians and reptiles of montana wikipedia - montana is home to 14 amphibian species and 20 species of reptiles none of the species are endangered or threatened although some are classified as species of concern by the montana department of fish wildlife and parks, of the reptiles and amphibians of north america explained - fitch henry sheldon 1909 thamnophis sirtalis fitchi fox 1951 after henry fitch who recognized the validity of the race and described it fully and who has contributed so much to our understanding of the complex taxonomic relationships of the pacific coast garter snakes 1909 born in utica ny 1930 ba u or 1931 1937 graduate work at the u of ca berkeley under joseph grinnell, scientific and common names of the reptiles and amphibians - ambystoma tschudi 1838 mole salamanders nl anabystoma to cram into the mouth unknown reference agassiz proposed in 1844 that ambystoma might be a lapsus calami for amblystoma gr amblys blunt stoma mouth the word part amblys was also used very early for marine iguanas and cited by darwin, federally threatened and endangered reptiles and - the list does not include the bog turtle glyptemys muhlenbergii which is threatened due to similarity of appearance to other federally listed species learn more about wildlife of georgia at georgia department of natural resources wildlife resources division and for more species specific information at gdnr s species fact sheet pages, trade in live reptiles its impact on wild populations - trade in live reptiles its impact on wild populations and the role of the european market, baja california plant field guide norman roberts - the author is a biologist a noted authority and a frequent traveler in the baja california peninsula for over half a century he is the author of numerous articles and two books concerning the natural history of the region, endangered species list earth s endangered creatures - list of endangered animals worldwide endangered animal list the following is a list of all endangered animals, list of u s state reptiles wikipedia - like other state symbols a state reptile is intended to show state pride the designation has no economic or wildlife protection effect states justify their choice of state reptiles with differing rationales in designating legislation and on websites, california animal control companies wildlife ca - california borders the pacific ocean oregon nevada arizona and the mexican state of baja california ca has beautiful natural features including an expansive central valley tall mountains hot deserts and hundreds of miles of scenic coastline, invasive rats on tropical islands their population - invasive rats on tropical islands their population biology and impacts on native species, jstor viewing subject biological sciences - jstor is a digital library of academic journals books and primary sources