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the naked communist exposing communism and restoring - the naked communist exposing communism and restoring freedom freedom in america volume 2 w cleon skousen paul b skousen tim mcconnehey on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a timely update to the phenomenal national bestseller soon after its quiet release during the height of the red scare in 1958, the black book of communism crimes terror repression - already famous throughout europe this international bestseller plumbs recently opened archives in the former soviet bloc to reveal the actual practical accomplishments of communism around the world terror torture famine mass deportations and massacres, communism definition facts history britannica com - communism political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production e g mines mills and factories and the natural resources of a society communism is thus a form of socialism a higher and more advanced form according to its advocates, 10 most recent current communist nations in the world - 7 afghanistan communism ended on april 28 1992 with soviet support the first communist regime was established in afghanistan in 1978 and it survived in various forms until 1992, ayn rand anti communism the left friesian school - when the left complains about being silenced it is not because they are actually prevented from speaking but only because they are contradicted in their orwellian or marcusan universe free speech is when the right is silenced, the 100 best anarchist communist socialist books of - the best anarchist communist socialist books the best anarchist communist and socialist books reading list covers nearly all the essential writers of left wing philosophy and their essential texts, if you think communism is bad for people check out what - the environmental destruction associated with communism is no coincidence or accident of history but rather a logical outcome, barack obama and the communist party keywiki - the late marxist academic manning marable claimed that barack obama has read some of his books and understands what socialism is marable writing in the december 2008 issue of british trotskyist journal socialist review also claimed that obama worked in chicago with socialists with backgrounds in the communist party what makes obama different is that he has also been a community organiser, communist manifesto in pdf political economy - most if not all socialist communist states don t fully apply the principles of those ideologies one proof there should be no classes in communist states but you wrote socialist countries both communist style and western european style have a poor and more restricted middle class