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star wars home facebook - i have and will always be a star wars fan in spite of all the seemingly negative reviews and fan backlashes i have loved everything the brilliant minds working together have been able to produce all aspects of star wars from the music comics books games movies shows and everything in between have been so well constructed, star wars sequel trilogy wikipedia - the star wars sequel trilogy is the third and final set of three films in the star wars franchise an american space opera created by george lucas it is being produced by lucasfilm ltd and distributed by walt disney studios motion pictures the trilogy is to consist of episodes vii through ix and chronologically follows episode vi return of the jedi 1983, star wars clone wars fandom powered by wikia - star wars clone wars is an animated television series that chronicles the clone wars between the galactic republic and the confederacy of independent systems produced by cartoon network studios the series originally aired from 2003 to 2005 and was intended to serve as a bridge between the, music of star wars wikipedia - the music of the star wars franchise is composed and produced in conjunction with the development of the feature films television series and other merchandise within the epic space opera franchise created by george lucas the music for the primary feature films which serves as the basis for the rest of the related media was written by john williams, star wars galaxies wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - star wars galaxies an empire divided it is the height of the galactic civil war although the rebel alliance has destroyed the dreaded death star the emperor still holds thousands of systems in his grip, solo a star wars story starwars com - this week on the star wars show we send pablo hidalgo of the lucasfilm story group to the solo a star wars story set and literally go inside dryden vos office and discover some amazing easter eggs, rogue one gets a tv show leia s daughter loves episode - who knew that the nearly two year gap between star wars movies would see the space in fans hearts filled so completely by small screen developments forget the multiplex at least until, star wars saga rotten tomatoes - a long time ago in a galaxy far far away star wars redefined blockbuster moviemaking and its sequels prequels and tv spinoffs have continued to excite and inspire audiences everywhere, yes a scene in star wars rogue one was filmed on the - yes a scene in star wars rogue one was filmed on the underground at star wars celebration europe in london rogue one director gareth edwards confirmed speculation that canary wharf was used, star wars the last jedi 2017 rotten tomatoes - in lucasfilm s star wars the last jedi the skywalker saga continues as the heroes of the force awakens join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks age old mysteries of the force, star wars the last jedi is one of the worst films of the - star wars the last jedi is one of the worst films of the decade, the star wars holiday special a lego movie 2 trailer - star wars holiday special is coming to a literally one theater near you, star wars the 40 best moments time - widely considered to be one of the greatest twists in cinematic history the moment vader reveals his true identity to luke has become synonymous with the allure of the star wars saga after luke, disney star wars galaxy s edge the disney food blog - star wars galaxy s edge will open in disneyland park in the summer of 2019 and in walt disney world s hollywood studios in late fall of 2019 star wars galaxy s edge planet of batuu guests will step directly into star wars canon when they set foot onto batuu the planet which is the, which star wars character are you buzzfeed - which star wars character are you most alike, absolutely no machete juggling the star wars saga - brace yourselves what follows is an amazingly long blog post about the best order in which to watch star wars whatever your reason if you are showing someone the official editions of star wars for the first time you have to make a decision about which order to watch the films there are two, gina carano joins star wars series the mandalorian - disney recently announced that dave filoni who has worked on star wars the clone wars and star wars rebels will direct the first episode of the series taika waititi bryce dallas, simple star wars book list timeline of star wars novels - simple list of star wars books in order of when they take place with side by side timelines for legends and the new canon updated regularly with new releases and upcoming titles highlighted a complete list of all full length star wars novels in chronological order