To Antietam Creek The Maryland Campaign Of September 1862 -

to antietam creek the maryland campaign of september 1862 - to antietam creek the maryland campaign of september 1862 david s hartwig on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in early september 1862 thousands of union soldiers huddled within the defenses of washington disorganized and discouraged from their recent defeat at second manassas confederate general robert e lee then led his tough and confident army of northern virginia, battle of antietam wikipedia - the battle of antietam n t i t m also known as the battle of sharpsburg particularly in the southern united states was a battle of the american civil war fought on september 17 1862 between confederate general robert e lee s army of northern virginia and union general george b mcclellan s army of the potomac near sharpsburg maryland and antietam creek, antietam national battlefield u s national park service - 23 000 soldiers were killed wounded or missing after twelve hours of savage combat on september 17 1862 the battle of antietam ended the confederate army of northern virginia s first invasion into the north and led abraham lincoln to issue the preliminary emancipation proclamation, taken at the flood robert e lee and confederate strategy - taken at the flood robert e lee and confederate strategy in the maryland campaign of 1862 joseph l harsh on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers complementing confederate tide rising which covers the origins of the maryland campaign taken at the flood is a detailed account of the military campaign itself it focuses on military policy and strategy and the context necessary, battle of antietam history - the battle of antietam also called the battle of sharpsburg occurred september 22 1862 at antietam creek near sharpsburg maryland it pitted confederate general robert e lee s army of, battle of antietam historynet - battle of antietam summary the battle of antietam a k a battle of sharpsburg resulted in not only the bloodiest day of the american civil war but the bloodiest single day in all of american history fought primarily on september 17 1862 between the town of sharpsburg maryland and antietam, union maryland infantry part 1 civil war archive - union regimental histories maryland 1st regiment infantry organized at baltimore md and mustered in company a may 10 companies b c may 11 company, american civil war the war in 1862 britannica com - the war in 1862 the year 1862 marked a major turning point in the war especially the war in the east as lee took command of the confederate army which he promptly renamed the army of northern virginia with lee s ascent the army of the potomac found itself repeatedly battered, antietam national battlefield to receive trump donation - on september 17th 1862 george mcclellan s army of the potomac confronted lee s army of northern virginia at sharpsburg the day became the bloodiest in american military history nearly 23 000 americans were dead wounded or missing on the battlefield tactically the battle was inconclusive however the ultimate withdrawal of confederate forces from sharpsburg signaling an end to lee, battle of antietam controversial crossing on burnside s - in 1951 bruce catton indicated in his book mr lincoln s army that major general ambrose burnside deserved much of the blame for the incomplete union victory at the battle of antietam throughout the 1862 maryland campaign burnside had commanded a wing composed of two corps his own ix corps, department of history american civil war - the american civil war description of symbols principal campaigns of the war rail roads of the confederacy first bull run campaign situation 18 and 24 july 1861, bloody antietam ushistory org - on november 7 1862 lincoln sacked general mcclellan and replaced him with general burnside the south was on the move lee and jefferson davis believed that one more successful campaign might bring british and french recognition of the confederacy foreign powers are reluctant to enter a conflict, hal jespersen s free wikipedia maps cwmaps com - hal jespersen offers over 200 free maps and inexpensive custom mapmaking cartography services specializing in battles and campaigns of the american civil war, obscure battles cedar mountain 1862 - auger s two brigades geary and prince only about 3 900 worked their way up to the edge of the huge cornfield filling half the distance to the crittendon lane where the three confederate brigades taliaferro early thomas over 5 300 men lay in wait